Credits & Projects

Summer 2018

“Small Voices”

Join us on a journey of discovery as we introduce you to some truly inspiring people, all of whom have made an impactful contribution to our province’s history. Environmental Conservation, Social Activism, Voices for Change: our ten stories reveal moments when British Columbian’s took a stand, and influenced the course of history in our great province. From grass roots movements all the way to the United Nations, each story uncovers a unique perspective into British Columbia, and illustrates the strength that can come from one small, but committed voice.

Director: David I. Strasser
Producers: Graem Luis, Jessica Randall, David I. Strasser
Knowledge Network:

Spring 2018

“The Ultimate Magician”

Director/Producer: Gary Prendergast

“Beautiful Cake”

A short movie about two teens who find themselves trapped in a basement by a terror familiar to all of us.

Director: Brian McWha, Vancouver, Canada
Producers: Jarvis Greiner, Rafal Dybowski

Winter 2017-18

“Against the Grain”

An inspirational miniseries exploring the diverse lifestyles of B.C.’s most successful and dynamic mountain culture athletes, artists, and creators.

Directors: David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester
Producers: Graem Luis, Jessica L. Randall, David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester

Summer 2017


A documentary about graphic designer and artist Bob Choma, who is bipolar. A graduate of EMP, his life has been a classic creative, chaotic story – from tutoring from several of the Group of Seven as a kid, running a couple productive businesses, alcohol problems, mood swings to rediscovering his creative muse as an outsider artist later in life.

Director: Bruce Saunders, Victoria BC, Canada