Credits & Projects

Spring 2018

“The Benevolent Code”

Director: Gary Prendergast

“Beautiful Cake”

A short movie about two teens who find themselves trapped in a basement by a terror familiar to all of us.

Director: Brian McWha, Vancouver, Canada
Producers: Jarvis Greiner, Rafal Dybowski

Winter 2017-18

“Against the Grain”

An inspirational miniseries exploring the diverse lifestyles of B.C.’s most successful and dynamic mountain culture athletes, artists, and creators.

Directors: David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester
Producers: Graem Luis, Jessica L. Randall, David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester

Summer 2017


A documentary about graphic designer and artist Bob Choma, who is bipolar. A graduate of EMP, his life has been a classic creative, chaotic story – from tutoring from several of the Group of Seven as a kid, running a couple productive businesses, alcohol problems, mood swings to rediscovering his creative muse as an outsider artist later in life.

Director: Bruce Saunders, Victoria BC, Canada